2019: Year of the Vegan?

Combined meat and seafood consumption per person in 2013. India and Ethiopia are the only two countries with consumption below 10kg/person/year. Credit: Sam Peters, data from FAOstats
Meat and seafood intake is increasing in Asia, South America and Africa as average wealth rises; particularly so in China. Meanwhile, consumption in Western Europe appears to have peaked around 1990, with a similar drop in North America and the UK from the early 2000s. Credit: Sam Peters, data from FAOstats
Google searches containing the term ‘vegan’ overtook those for ‘vegetarian’ in around 2012. It should be noted that this only includes these terms searched in English, not other languages. A score of 100 represents the maximum over the entire period. Credit: Google Trends
Even the makers of Shreddies, a regular feature on UK breakfast tables since 1953, updated its packaging in January to highlight its vegan ingredient list. Photo credit: Sam Peters
The Greggs vegan sausage roll has a higher protein content than its meat-filled counterpart, which caused another wave of consternation across social media when revealed by the bakery’s social media team. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
A typical day’s food under the ‘planetary diet’, the first science-based diet that both tackles inadequate nutrition experienced by billions of people and averts global environmental catastrophe. The diet is largely plant-based, with very little meat or fish. Photo credit: Molly Katzen/Eat Forum



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Sam Peters

Sam Peters


Architect by training, critical care researcher by trade, and activist by nature. Mainly write on environmental/social/political issues from a green/left angle.