Could a 1p NHS tax save the health service?

Photo of an ambulance with blue lights flashing.
Despite only a minimal rise in attendance, the percentage of patients spending less than four hours in major A&E units has dropped drastically, after remaining at around 96–98% from 2004–2010/11. Credit: Nuffield Trust, based on data from NHS England.
Photo of Jeremy Hunt MP with his arms crossed in a meeting.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has regularly been accused to wanting to privatise the health service, having co-authored a policy book on doing so in 2005. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Photo of Richard Branson giving a double thumbs-up to the camera at a Time Magazine event.
Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group which owns VirginCare. The private healthcare group has over 400 NHS contracts worth a total of £1billion. Photo credit: Flickr, David Shankbone



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Sam Peters

Sam Peters


Architect by training, critical care researcher by trade, and activist by nature. Mainly write on environmental/social/political issues from a green/left angle.