UK Foreign Aid: Don’t be Distracted by the ‘Ethiopian Spice Girls’

World leaders gather for photos at the 2017 G20 Hamburg summit. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Shepherd children in Amhara Region. The region’s population is 89% rural, and even children with access to education will have on average just four hours’ teaching per day. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Protea Ikeja hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, where rooms start at $400 a night, is one of countless CDC investments. The CDC is the UK’s Development Finance Institution, overseen by DfID. Photo credit: Protea
A farmer works on a smallholding in East Africa. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons



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Sam Peters

Sam Peters


Architect by training, critical care researcher by trade, and activist by nature. Mainly write on environmental/social/political issues from a green/left angle.